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Desired to a site, I do believe you would like Toy RC Vehicles. At this moment I have to explain to you the only one product that you should fully understand, it is AFX 8822 Tri-Power Pack. When you shop for AFX 8822 Tri-Power Pack item, you must find out about the high quality. With this posting you will note far more information approximately AFX 8822 Tri-Power Pack. This approach AFX 8822 Tri-Power Pack is about the best products and services for the AFX, sign in forums investigate the information within this web site web site.

The Description associated with AFX 8822 Tri-Power Pack

HO slot car racing is tons of fun. But it does take a little time to get used to the speed. That?s why AFX has introduced the new Tri-Power Pack. This new power source let?s you set the car?s maximum speed to the right level for your driving skill: Beginner, Intermediate or Expert. And only AFX has it! The three levels allow new drivers to learn the right way: one step at a time. So you can get the hang of racing without getting frustrated. And setting the level is as simple as flipping the switch on the side of the Pack. The levels work like this: Beginner – Cars will stay on the track through about 90% to 100% of the turns at full throttle; Intermediate – Cars will stay on the track through about 60% to 70% of the turns at full throttle; and Expert – You?re on your own! And there is something else that sets the Tri-Power Pack apart from the crowd. It features more amperage than any other set-based power pack. That pretty much eliminates the power surge one car can get when the other car crashes. With Tri-Power Pack parents can race with their younger children without the child crashing all the time. And what about those birthday parties when you have a lot of children with different skill levels? The Tri-Power Pack lets them race and all the players get to enjoy themselves.

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